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Iron Reaver Mythic DOWN

by Arrowdancer, 167 days ago

Iron Reaver meets his destiny . Just  a pile of scrap metal after our short visit ......

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Hellfire Assault Mythic

by Arrowdancer, 183 days ago

The gates of Hellfire Citadel are down .
Fast and clean job from the team



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Firebreathers - New Era

by Arrowdancer, 202 days ago

Firebreathers were created in early Vanilla at Genjuros-EU server. Having almost 10 years of history , we decided that we must continue as an international guild . Our aim is to prepare the guild for the new expansion as better as possible .
Becoming international will increase our recruitment base and will allow us to meet new people and cultures , having a common interest , TO ENJOY THE GAME.
We will continue our efforts for mythic progress and in addition we will organize many events (achievement days, mount runs etc.) to keep our members active .




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About Firebreathers

Prepare yourselves ,draw a deep breath, draw your weapon, hide in shadows, surrender to arcane... Welcome to the new age firebreathers. 

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